PPP Laser Treatment

There is no doubt that Pearly penile papule is one of the most frustrating conditions that a man can get. It is not a sexually transmitted illness and its main cause is still unknown. However, they are common in men in their twenties and thirties. It has also been noted that uncircumcised men are most likely to develop this condition.
The common signs of this condition include small bumps with a dome shape and they mostly appear around penis corona. The papules come with a lighter color making the penis look different from the rest of the body. This different color makes it easy to notice a penis with papules and many partners react with shock. Men with pearly penile papules find hard to stay for long in sexual relationships. However, PPP is curable and using laser treatment, it takes a few days to rid of the condition completely.

What is laser treatment for papules?

Laser treatment is a form of PPP treatment that reaches the deep tissues and cures the condition. It must be carried by a qualified dermatologist to ensure excellent results. This advanced technology is safe and effective for men of different ages. This medical treatment uses special light, which comes with different wavelengths. The light is focused on the affected areas and helps to remove the bumps. The surrounding areas that do not need treatment are usually protected from the light.
Carbon dioxide laser treatment is the most advanced way of getting rid of papules. This method does not cause scarring or damage to the skin. The whole procedure takes a few minutes and usually less than thirty minutes. The dermatologist will use anesthesia to reduce discomfort for the patient. It will take a maximum of 14 days to recover completely.

Reasons for use laser treatment for Pearly Penile Papules

• Laser treatment for PPP is precise compared to other surgical procedures. There are no deep cuts and therefore very little damage occurs on the tissue.
• The treatment procedure does not take long and the patient can be discharged the same day after they undergo the process. The patient does not have to spend days in the clinic and therefore it’s perfect because other people do not have to know you undergoing a treatment.
• The treated area heals faster and the bumps disappear completely.

One laser treatment is enough to remove the penile papules. However, in rare cases the doctor may want to repeat the procedure. The best thing is that the treatment does not come with extreme discomfort and will not affect the patient’s daily schedule.
A patient suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or has suffered from keloids hypertrophic scarring. A patient must undergo a complete medical check up before they under go the treatment.

Hirsuties papillaries genitalis home treatment

Hirsuties papillaries genitalis are also known as pearly penile papules and they are small harmless structures that resemble white bumps and are usually situated around the rim of the penis head. They may be singular or organized in arrow like a string of pearls hence the name. These bumps are mostly common in men around the age of 16- 25 years. They are more prevalent in uncircumcised men and can appear and disappear any time. Although harmless, many men who have them usually feel very embarrassed and at first may think it is a sexually transmitted disease. They also have nothing to do with the overall personal hygiene of a man.

Hirsuties papillaries genitalis pose no risk to the health of a man and so you may choose to ignore them until they fade on their own. However, many men feel highly self-conscious that this may affect their sexual performance and look for treatment. One important thing to avoid doing is picking the bumps with a sharp object or even with your hands. This is highly harmful and may lead to other problems such as bacterial infections on the wounds created. Scarring may also occur and worsen the situation leading to more unsightly bumps.
There are other home remedies that are said to be quite effective in treating pearly penile papules. These home remedies however require a lot of patience as the results may take time to become visible.

Hirsuties papillaries genitalis – Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies for Hirsuties papillaries genitalis. First, wash the affected area and wipe it dry. Dab some castor oil on a clean cotton ball and apply on the area and leave it uncovered. Repeat this procedure about three or four times daily for some time until the bumps all disappear.

Hirsuties papillaries genitalis – Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is also effective in getting rid of PPP at home. The procedure is similar to that of using castor oil. You can also use iodine to try and fade the bumps. Just clean the area first and then apply the iodine. This may sting a bit. Let the iodine dry before covering the area. The iodine works by drying the area and causing the bumps to shrivel and peel off. It also facilitates cell regeneration and prevents any scarring. It is advisable to conduct these treatments at night so that the day to day activities do not interfere with the treatments.

Tea tree oil
This is a natural method for pearly penis papules removal takes some time to give desired results, but its worth trying. Tea tree oil is applied like castor oil and must be repeated around three times in a day. Use a piece of cotton wool to dab it on the penis and especially the affected parts.

3 effective PPP removal tips

PPP removal

Pearly penile papules or PPP are tiny white or skin colored spots which arrange themselves in rows mostly on or around the penile head. It is said to mainly occur in uncircumcised men and is considered a very embarrassing condition. They are common in young men and may become visible from puberty to late twenties. These spots are however harmless to the man and even his partner and is not a sexually transmitted disease. The spots sometimes disappear by themselves but may redevelop later. There are many remedies to get rid of PPP although some have been found to be ineffective.

Over the counter PPP medication

There are various products such as PPP creams in the market that claim to be effective in eradicating this condition. However, most of these creams lack scientific research and backing to prove their effectiveness. Most men are faced with limited options when it comes to removal of PPP.

Use of laser removal to treat PPP

One of the most effective ways of removing the penile papules is through CO2 laser removal. This procedure is quite expensive but very effective. The dermatologist uses a CO2 laser to vaporize the papules. No injections are necessary. The doctor will just apply anaesthetic cream on the penis. Once done, the patient will be fully healed within a week or two.

PPP Home remedies

There are a number of home remedies that can be used to at least reduce size and appearance of PPP. Using iodine is one of them. This may take time and requires some patience. The results are usually visible after about three weeks. The iodine should be applied on the spots and left to dry without covering. This might sting a bit but once dry, there is no pain. The iodine not only works to dry the spots so that they peel off, it also promotes cell regeneration.
Tea tree oil is another effective home treatment method of eradicating PPP. The tea tree oil should be pure and not the mixed variety. You should wash the area first and allow it to dry. Then, apply the oil on the area using a cotton ball. This will also sting just like iodine. Allow it to dry without covering. You can perform this method several times a day. It will also require you to be patient as the results are not achieved overnight. You will notice reduction in size after about one or two weeks.
There are other products in the home that you can try to help remove the spots. This includes toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, lemon juice and calamine lotions. All these are applied in the same way as with iodine or tea tree oil. One important thing to do is to avoid attempting to pick or squeeze them as this may irritate the skin and lead to infection or unnecessary scarring.

Are pearly penile papules contagious

Are pearly penile papules contagious?

This post was originally published Feb 2nd 2013; updated march 10 2014

Are penile papules normal?

The fact that the penile papules occur around the penile region has given a lot of people lots of questions as to the spread and propagation or reason for PPP. One of the common questions that you will always come across is whether or not the papules are contagious. Can you spread these penile papules to your partner through intercourse?

The bumps that occur as papules are not contagious, not one bit. In fact, these small bumps that occur on the penis are not even harmful, not even to the one who has them. The only thing that worries people is the sight of them, which others might mistake for poor hygiene or of course an STD of some description (usually Herpes). This therefore can hamper your confidence, especially when your sexual partner notices them, and obliviously makes an uninformed assessment of your hygiene or recent sexual activity.

pearly penile papules removal

Did you know that more than 26% of men in the world today have penile papules?

That is indeed a fact. To be precise, a good number of these are guys within their prime years, between the ages of 20 and 35. It has also been noticed that PPP is more common with those who are uncircumcised. This is just an observation, because there are also circumcised men who have them. The main problem today is that a lot of people tend to confuse the penile papules, also known as hirsuties papillaris genitalis or PPP with genital warts or herpes.

These are very different things altogether. There are also those who confuse the same with Fordyce spots. In as much as these tend to have some similar characteristics, you will need to take note of the fact that they are different things altogether.

Do Penile Papules Really Require treatment?penile papules

Here’s an interesting fact; did you know that papules occurring in the penile region do not usually require treatment? That is true. It is just a condition that can die away on its own. However, the presence of growths on your manhood is one thing that most people will really not take lightly, and for the same reason they will seek medical attention to correct the condition. Well, the psychological torture from the embarrassment can be a very hard thing to deal with today.

And even harder sometimes is actually talking about the condition, that’s why we are here, we will be covering a number of pearly penile papules removal tips in the next few posts.


This post was originally published Feb 2nd 2013; updated march 10 2014

Penile papules removal [dot] org is now in it’s second year online. When we first decided to put this website and the information contained on it online everyone thought we were crazy. We went sure how well information on PPP and more importantly how to get rid of penile papules was going to be received, but we are pleased to say our information on this embarrassing subject went down very well.

Pearly penile papules may well be one of those subjects that nobody want’s to talk about openly but everyone wants information on it; on the quiet. We receive thousands of visitors every week, all looking for information and advice on how to get rid of PPP. There is a real need for information on this subject and we will continue to provide relevant info. Right now we are updating many of our older posts which have become buried. These are all great post providing some great PPP removal tips and info which is as relevant today as it was just over a year ago.

pearly penile papules removal

Pearly penile papules removal with iodine

Pearly penile papules removal with iodine

This post was first published on this blog Feb 12 2013: updated March 6 2014

Pearly penile papules removal with iodine

It’s no surprise that so many guys want to get rid of pearly penile papules, not to someone who actually lived with the condition. It’s embarrassing and in many cases stops you from doing the things you want to do through the fear of possible ridicule. Most of us know that pearly penile papules are harmless, and will never pose any health issue, but we also understand why so many guys are looking for possible pearly penile papules removal methods, especially the type they can use at home; hence the reason for this site.

PPP Removal at home

Removal of PPP is the one thing that men suffering with the condition just can’t let go of. If you have pearly penile papules and you’re at a certain age, well pearly penile papules removal methods kind of become all consuming, listen I know what I’m talking about here.

There are a number of ways in which we can either remove penile papules or at least reduce their size and make them less apparent. Some of these methods work great for some and not so great for others, but on the whole they are both safe and cheap, which is more than can be said for aiming a laser at your penis… Just my opinion.

Iodine and how to use it for pearly penile papules removal

Today we are going to talk about Iodine and how to use it for pearly penile papules removal. There are a number of people who have successfully used iodine to get rid of their papules, and you too can do the same. Iodine is just but one of the pearly penile papules home remedies that you can use, you will find most of them here once we fill the site.

As with all PPP remedies the use of iodine to remove papules may take time if it works. You will need to be patient, since it usually takes close to 3 weeks for you to see results. Again everyone is different, while 3 weeks is normal, it may take longer, you might see results much quicker or this pearly penile removal method might not work at all.

Which Iodine should you use for pearly penile papules removal?

Ok, before we talk any more about this particular pearly penile papules removal method we think it’s important that we tell you which type to use.

If you’re going to try Iodine as a way to get rid of penile papules you should use Lugol’s iodine, this isn’t a brand and we are not trying to sell you anything here, this is just the best solution to use. Here’s a link so you can read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lugol’s_iodine


Basically you paint the Lugol’s iodine on to the papules and allow it to dry into the skin (area) naturally without covering. Be warned this will sting.

The solution not only dries the papules out so they start to peel, but it also promotes cell rejuvenation. As we said the process is not something which can be achieved overnight, but it does work for many men. We hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to let us know if this or any other pearly penile papules removal method worked for you.

Watch the following video to see how this guy got rid of his pearly penile papules at home quickly and safely:

pearly penile papules removal video

What are these bumps under the head of my penis?

Q & A Pearly penile papules

Also see: PPP removal with laser

This post was originally posted on April 25 2013: Updated March 5 2014

Pearly penile papules removalQuestion posted by Steven R: What are these bumps beneath the head of my penis?

  • What are these bumps beneath the head of my penis?

I am circumcised and I have 5 bumps under the head of my penis. They can not be STD’s because I noticed them when I was about 13 and didn’t engage in sexual activities till I was 18. I researched a bit and believed that they could be possibly be PPP, (Pearly Penile Papules). It seems that every person else I’ve study about who has PPP has it about the head of the penis and have several. I only have 5, located underneath the head around exactly where a circumcision would start. I want to discover a way to get rid of them due to the fact I am afraid I might scare off sexual partners. Do you know what these are, and any possible way to get rid of them?


Sounds like you have pearly penile papules

Hello Steven, your research is probably right, it does sound like you have pearly penile papules. The area that you mention is exactly where the PPP will develop  Those who say that they have pearly penile papules over the head of the penis are actually wrong. You can get just a few papules or lots which often run in lines around the gland. The fact that you are circumcised may be the reason that you only have a few. PPP often dry and naturally abrade in men that are circumcised.

There are a number of pearly penile papules removal methods which do help some men. We have covered quite a few on this site. If you have the money then CO2 laser vaporisation is often the best route to take, especially as you only have five papules, should be reasonably cheap in your case.

Pearly Penile Papules RemovalBest PPP removal at home method? -Try this

Give your answer to this question under!

While working our way through the many penile papules posts on this site we do come across some really interesting points and indeed comments. Of course everyone wants an effective pearly penile papules removal method and one which they can use at home for obvious reasons. We actively encourage comments and ideas on how to get rid of penile papules however every now and again it’s good to pop in and clarify or at least add our response to some of the comments left on the site, which is the main reason for re-visiting this particular post.

wthing5 says:
They are called Pupules and are harmless pop along to a doc and they frezze them off with Liquid Nitro nearly painless wthing5 says:

That’s true to a certain extent: pearly penile papules are harmless, however the reference to freezing off penile papules is wrong. This was a reasonably common response to PPP some years ago but that treatment is actually for warts and not PPP, it may work short term but the papules will return. if your doctor is recommending freezing off penile papules I suggest you ask to see another doctor as the one you have right now has no idea what pearly penile papules are. The make-up of penile papules spines are not the same as warts.

missdmeaner says:
It’s probably scar tissue from the circumcision. You probably never noticed it till age 13.

Could be scar tissue but if they resemble perfectly formed little spines they are far more likely to be pearly penile papules. Again PPP is a harmless condition which studies indicate that something like 30% of young guys suffer with. Many men have no issue living with them but they can be embarrassing for some, hence the reason why so many men are looking for pearly penile papules removal methods

Get rid of pearly penile papules with tea tree oil

Get rid of pearly penile papules with tea tree oil

Get rid of pearly penile papules with tea tree oil

This article was first posted in February 2013: Updated 4th march 2014

Welcome back yet again, we hope our posts on pearly penile papules removals are hitting the spot so to speak. Please don’t forget to let us know if anything we have listed is working for you. It’s great to share our ideas so if one of our pearly penile papules treatments are working for you let us know so other men can benefit. (You can do it anonymously).

Get rid of pearly penile papules using tea tree oil:

If you are considering using tea tree oil to get rid of pearly penile papules then the process is pretty much the same as using the iodine method which we talked about before. You’re going to need pure tea tree oil, not one of the mixed or thinned down types, cotton buds (qtips) and a clean container (small glass or cup).

Wash the area before application and leave to dry uncovered and naturally. Pour a tiny amount into a clean container. Dip the cotton bud into the oil and apply to the papules (best to dab). Leave the oil to dry into the skin then leave uncovered for at least five minutes.

You can do this 2 or 3 times a day, there is no risk that we know of related to this approach. But it may sting, might also cause skin peeling, but this is normal. And this pearly penile papules treatment as with most of them is not something which will happen overnight. You will often see the PPP reduce in size after about a week but remember we are all different so results might be quicker for you, or it might take longer or it may not work at all. Give it a go and let us know.

All the best with your penile papules removal attempts.

For more ways to get rid of pearly penile papules be sure to check back in a day or two.

Update: 4th March 2014

Wow it’s been some time since we made this post, well over a year in fact as today’s date is 4th March 2014. We are at present revisiting some of our previous posts, making a few updates here and there simply because many of them are just too good to let slip into internet obscurity. Revisiting some of our older posts also gives us a chance to ask you our loyal readers what you think of our blog and the information on pearly penile papules removal.

We would love to hear your comments especially if any of out pearly penile papules removal tips have helped you get rid of penile papules. Remember your comments on this site remain anonymous.

Still looking for a safe and effective penile papules removal method you can use at home? See how this guy did it… just click the video below to watch:

Pearly penile papules removal

How you can eliminate pearly penile papules with lemon juice

Pearly penile papules removal

Natural Pearly penile papules removal methods – Have you tried lemon juice?

See also: PPP removal

Lemon juice is an extremely powerful natural solution, and can be utilized to lower the signs of skin conditions such as acne breakouts and pearly penile papules. While the papules are not infectious and they will not cause any damage to your health, no issue how long they are present, they can be exceptionally unsightly.

While the papules are not unsafe, they can appear to be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection, which leads many guys to look for therapy. The reason for pearly penile papules is not yet understood, although it will impact approximately 1 in 5 men throughout their lifetime. There are numerous natural solutions that can be made use of, and lemon juice is just one of these.

If you are going to make use of lemon juice to treat your pearly penile papules, then could try real lemons; actually it’s the lemon juice which is important, not the fabricated stuff that is sold in bottles. The juice consists of acids that can assist to remove the leading layer of skin (do not fret, these cells are dead so it will do no damage), taking the papules with it. The acids discovered in fresh lemon juice are not strong enough to cause any damage, however they are a reliable skin treatment.

Pearly penile papules removal with lemon juicePearly penile papules removal solution– lemon juice

Natural Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a clean container. If you have a juicer of some description, this is much easier. Dip a piece of cotton wool into the juice and dab it carefully onto all the papules. This is most likely to sting, since you are applying it to a fragile location of the body.

Enable the juice to dry normally. You should do this when a day, ideally at night, then wash very carefully in the morning. You could find that the area starts to feel tender, and if it is too uneasy to deal with every day, use this approach every various other day instead. The juice will keep in the fridge for a day or 2, and if you only press half a lemon at a time, the other half will likewise keep for a number of days.

It might take up to four weeks for all the papules to be removed utilizing this technique, depending on whether you are able to apply the juice every day or not.

Lemon juice is an exceptionally powerful natural solution, and can be utilized to decrease the symptoms of skin conditions such as acne breakouts and pearly penile papules. If you are going to make use of lemon juice to treat your pearly penile papules, then you require to purchase genuine lemons, not the artificial things that is offered in bottles. The juice contains acids that can help to eliminate the top layer of skin.

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